ArticleSelect “token” access for Wiley journals

We have changed how we access most of the journals published by Wiley.  Instead of subscribing to a limited number, we now subscribe to the ones we access most frequently, and provide access to other Wiley titles through what Wiley calls ArticleSelect tokens.

When you find an article that we access through ArticleSelect, you will see this:

Just click the Confirm button, and you will get the full-text article.

If you are searching for a Wiley journal in Midcat, you will see this:

As we adjust to this new type of access, we may make slight changes in the portions of the public displays that are under our control.  I’ll add comments to this thread of anything notable.

1 thought on “ArticleSelect “token” access for Wiley journals

  1. Jess Isler

    This also applies for books from Wiley. Instead of Articles you can view Chapters of books. The wording for the message is otherwise the same.


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