LIS website content managers

As part of its charge, the LIS Website Team has identified staff who are willing and able to oversee the various sections of the LIS website. These people will:

  • Serve as main contact persons for questions about their sections of the site
  • Ensure their section of the site is current and accurate (which may involve delegating tasks to others).
  • Be aware of formatting, style, and other conventions used on the LIS/College web site and follow them when making changes.
  • Keep current with the necessary skills and tools do this (or receive training)
  • Consult with stakeholders before implementing major refresh & enhancements.

The team has created a wiki page (go/liswebcm) that  describes the role of the content manager, lists the names of content managers and the areas for which they are responsible, describes tools they can use to maintain content, and includes an FAQ section for anyone who may visit this page looking for answers. There is now also a “Problem with this Page?” link on each LIS page which can be used to communicate with the content managers about issues with pages such as broken links, misspellings, outdated content, etc.

We’d like to emphasize that content managers are not the only ones who make contributions to and work with the LIS website. The purpose of this contact list was to create quick access to specific “go-to” people responsible for the major parts of the site so that LIS staff would not have to spend much time determining whom to contact with questions.

If you have responsibility for a sub-section of the website, your content manager is not superseding you–you’re still responsible–but now you will hear from your content manager when you have to fix broken links, or when a design change needs to be made. More granular permissions for LIS pages in Drupal are managed using web data groups.

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