Did the network just get faster?

Generally LIS only hears about it when our systems aren’t responding quickly enough or aren’t working at all.  We almost never get a call saying, “Gee, the servers have been up for a very long time without crashing!” or “My gosh, our network is extremely reliable and response time has been really fast lately!”  Nevertheless, we continue to work very hard to keep everything running and at top speed.  We regularly make improvements behind the scenes to benefit the whole community.  One recent such improvement was a doubling of the size of our primary Internet connection.

The College maintains two connections to the Internet: our primary connection is via Level 3 Communications, while Vermont traffic (and failover protection) is supported by a local provider named TelJet.   (Both Seven Days and the Burlington Free Press have recently run favorable articles on TelJet.)

Anticipating continuing, steep growth in our network traffic, LIS requested some time ago that Level 3 increase our bandwidth from 200 Mbps to 500 Mbps.  (Our TelJet connection is at 100 Mbps.)  Just last month, Level 3 completed the upgrade.  While you may not have noticed the increased speed on your desktop, you can rest assured that, at least for the time being, the tubes connecting Middlebury to the outside should be big enough to support your academic needs.

Stay tuned to this blog to learn of other plans we have for improving and expanding the campus network!

3 thoughts on “Did the network just get faster?

  1. Tim Parsons

    I’ll speak for everyone-we’ve got great service from LIS-Thanks! And let’s not forget the ridiculously low levels of spam in our mailbox, a miracle unto itself.

  2. Ken Pierce

    I completely agree with what Tim says above!! It’s a sad truth that you all in LIS don’t receive the praise you deserve from us outside of LIS as often as you should!! You all do a great job!! Please know that there are those of us outside LIS that realize that a lot of work is going on behind the scenes that allows us to operate on a second by second basis!!

    1. Stephen Kiel

      One of the many _real_ draws to working at Middlebury College for me is that I know I’m supported in my own work as Tech. Coordinator for Adirondack House by systems-admin talent that is made of pure Awesome. We’re very fortunate to have stellar, innovative IT teams! I may be one of the only people on campus that beams with a bit of pride for Middlebury when I see a full page of green lights at go/status (one of my “homepages”), but I have a feeling I’m not the only one. Three cheers for zippier tubes!


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