Search strategy for EBSCOHost databases

We have been informed that some of our databases will have a new search feature enabled over the next few days. The following databases are included in this update:
America, history and life
ATLA religion
EconLit with Full Text
European views of the Americas
Historical abstracts
Repertoire international de litterature musicale (RILM)

This is the text of the notice we received from the vendor, EBSCOHost:
Please note that over the next few days, we will begin migrating toward a new command line search requirement that all search tags be entered in upper-case ONLY, from the current lower, mixed and upper-case options. Here are the details of this change:
Search Tag Changes
Effective with a software release due this week, EBSCO will treat a short list of command line search tags (when entered in lower or mixed case) as text. Only UPPER CASE instances of these tags will be treated as search tags. The tags that will undergo this change are: AN, AS, AU, BE, DE, DO, DR, GI, IN, IP, IS, LA, RN, SO.
The EBSCOhost search engine will place quotation marks around the tags listed above, whenever they are entered in lower or mixed case. Therefore, a user will see the quotes in search history and saved searches going forward.
For example: if the user enters an american tragedy, they will see “an” american tragedy in their search history.
Please note: While users must only enter these specific tags in UPPER CASE with this software release (so that they will be treated as tags and not text), we highly recommend that all users become accustomed to entering ALL command line search tags in UPPER CASE to accommodate future additions to the short list of affected tags. The current list of tags that will be changed is made up of tags that are not frequently used, to cause the least amount of impact on “super” users who are the most likely to employ command line searching.

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