Area 51 notes – Aug. 19, 2010

Area 51 Notes, Aug. 19, 2010
Present: Terry Simpkins, Mike Roy, Mike Lynch, Doreen Bernier, Carol Peddie
Guest: Chris Norris

Chris Norris gave an update on the Phoenix project, which is the College’s business continuity/disaster recovery plan.  The business impact analysis is roughly 80% complete. Chris noted that there are technological advantages available to us today that were not available when the project commenced several years ago.  He would like additional staff support in order to bring this to completion, and will consult with Danna when she comes on board.  Mike Roy suggested that we secure email, Banner and websites first.   Chris will prepare a budget request, contingent on level of security decisions.   We agreed that MIIS should have a representative on the emergency planning committee.  Mike will also discuss this with President’s Staff.

We decided to have a staff appreciation event during October break.

We talked about follow-up for the “not-to-do list” discussion begun at the all-staff meeting.  We talked about the need to consolidate documents into a comprehensive list, gather more information about some of the proposals, including meeting with the managers group to review ideas, and then have an AD review before bringing the ideas to the community to gauge impact.  Mike will send an email letting people know how we will deal with this list and will ask everyone to edit.  We agreed to invite the managers to the September AD retreat to talk about this.

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