Media Curator

Steve Bertolino has recently assumed the role of media curator for video collections housed in Davis Family Library, basically becoming responsible for the “care and feeding” of both the restricted and browsing video collections. In this cross-departmental role, Steve will work with faculty and LIS staff to:

  • ensure timely replacements of missing/damaged items
  • ensure we have viable copies of materials needed for screenings and reserve
  • periodically generate and review reports relating to use, condition, etc., of the collections
  • work with faculty and LIS staff to review and revise policies pertaining to the collection
  • monitor space needs or issues within the collection
  • keep an “ear to the ground” regarding new and emerging technologies relating to video streaming or alternate delivery systems
  • reconvene, and serve on, the LIS committee responsible for adding (and withdrawing) materials for the video browsing collection.

Please contact Steve with any questions about the use of the library’s video collections.  Please contact the appropriate liaison or submit a suggestion if you would like to request a purchase.

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