How to Get Announcements into the LIS eNewsletter

An Outlook reminder just told Barbara, Linda and me to start preparing the next LIS eNewsletter, so now seems like a good time to give everyone else a reminder on how to get announcements into the eNewsletter.

1.  Quickest:  Post your own announcement  (see HOW DO I POST?)
2.  Or, you can ask someone else to write a post (bring it up in a workgroup meeting or use the Suggest a Topic form)

Once a month, Barbara, Linda and I review blog posts and topic suggestions.  In consultation with Mike Roy and the Area Directors, we compile a list of existing blog posts that would be of interest to faculty, staff and students, and we seek authors for suggested posts.  We add the “eNewsletter” tag to the posts in our list, then send links out to the campus.

If you want to be sure we consider your post for the eNews, please write to us.  We try to be inclusive as possible.  We also try to keep the message relatively short and readable.

We look forward to hearing from you!

LIS eNewsletter editorial team:  Linda Knutson, Carrie Macfarlane and Barbara Merz

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