Annual Planning Calendar

The AD team has constructed an annual calendar that we are using to help make sure that we stay on top of our regularly occurring activities around planning, budgeting, assessing, and communicating. We thought that it would be useful to share that calendar with the rest of LIS in order for everyone to be ‘singing from the same song sheet’.

That calendar can be found at .

Feel free to add comments below to suggest other items we might want to add to our calendar.

2 thoughts on “Annual Planning Calendar

  1. Dan Frostman

    This calendar needs to be linked to from somewhere more accessible than this year and a half old blog post, please. If it is somewhere else already, I could not find it easily. Thank you.

    1. Carol Peddie

      We are presently udating the calendar and will repost with a central link on the main blog page, plus a central like of the LIS Strategic Planning website. I’ll post a blog next week with the updated information.


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