Proposal: a Digital Center

In fulfillment of part of its charge, “to create workflows to allow for effective scanning, storage, cataloging, and archiving,” the Digital Archives Team has submitted to the Area Directors a proposal for the creation of a Digital Center within which all LIS digitization efforts will happen.  Details about the center are described in this document.

3 thoughts on “Proposal: a Digital Center

  1. Arabella Holzapfel Post author

    I realize I neglected to make a couple of things clear.

    The digitization that will be happening in this Digital Center will, at least for the foreseeable future, be limited to digitization of LIS-owned resources that have been selected and prioritized through the process described in this post.

    The completion of these projects will result in “perpetual” access in collections like the ones linked and described here.

  2. Arabella Holzapfel Post author

    “That’s not our job,” as they say. The basics of this document was sent to Joseph, as Leader-designate of the Space Team, a few days ago.


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