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New WordPress themes have been added to WordPress at Middlebury.  This blog has been updated to use Translucence, an interpretation of theme designs drafted by White Whale as part of the Web Redo project.

Translucence, like ShadowBox, is a theme series that includes a number of variations and options for layout.  This blog is currently configured to use a flexible width such that the width of the blog will vary with the size of your browser window.  As well, it is configured to include  2 right sidebars (instead of a single left and right sidebar).

Feedback/comments/suggestions welcome.

5 thoughts on “New WordPress Themes

  1. Bryan Carson

    The theme on this blog needs tweaking. In the search results page, you see your results as dark blue titles on navy blue background. I am sure it’s just an oversight, but it is next to impossible to see the results.

  2. Alex Chapin Post author

    Search page results that Bryan had noted did not look right (dark blue titles on navy blue background) have been fixed. Welcome any other comments/suggestions/feedback about new design.

  3. Brenda Ellis

    I like the new theme! I love that it adjusts to your browser window and I like one right hand side bar with prominent section headings. It’s less busy but you can still get to everything. And I like the constrast between the white space for the content and the blue space for the nav. Easier to focus. Nice work.

    1. Alex Chapin Post author

      Thanks for feedback. I’m not convinced the “flexible” width of the site is the best option. Some people like it because you can control how much space is used. Some people dislike it because if your browser window or screen is small, you get narrow column for blog posts…

      Credit for the basic design should go to White Whale. I simply implemented their design drafts.


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