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logo-lis02-whiteI’ve been working on some header designs for this blog….

Thought something like this might look good in the upper right corner of this site… smaller of course

Comments/feedback/suggestions welcome.

7 thoughts on “LIS Blog header

  1. Joseph Watson

    It is nice, but any time we’ve created our own logo-like image, the folks in Communications have asked us not to use it, and I imagine that would be the case with what you’re doing here. They don’t like it when individual units within the College create a unique graphic representation without their input. We had a nice graphic we were using on the brochures for the Main Library and we were asked to remove it.

  2. Alex Chapin Post author

    My thought with creating this graphic was that we could eventually ask Communications for their input/approval if there was interest in LIS for some sort of logo… Currently, there is nowhere on this blog that indicates that it is part of Middlebury College (other than the url). That may be fine, but it might be nice to have some sort of header image…

    An alternative design might be simply the library floorplan from this current graphic without “Middlebury”

  3. Jeff Rehbach

    I wonder if most folks would immediately know what the graphic is… I always like simplicity… why not just add the word Middlebury to our current header? Thanks for thinking about this — it’s important! -Jeff

  4. Alex Chapin Post author

    Hadn’t thought the graphic (library floorplan) would not be recognized, is posted all over the library. Maybe simpler is better, maybe just Middlebury….

  5. Jess Isler

    If I’m remembering correctly, the White Whale blog templates had some text like “another blog” at the top left region of the page. They may also have other unifying/identifying elements, but I can’t remember at the moment. I like seeing Middlebury there at the top right for now, but perhaps further development should be postponed until we see the extent of the branding on the templates?

    1. Alex Chapin Post author

      The only branding that was included in the White Whale templates was a narrow strip at the top of the page that contained the following text:
      BLOGS DOT MIDDLEBURY the Middlebury Blog Network

      The actual header in the WW design was designed to contain only the blog title behind which each design contained various images, most of which were generic… Here are links to some of the designs, see:
      Design 2
      Design 5
      Design 6

      WW has described these designs as “basic sketches” to be interpreted as we see fit. I am working on implementing some of these now and just wanted to get feedback from LIS about possible graphics/logos/backgrounds. I expect to work closely with Communications to ensure that whatever graphics/logos/backgrounds we consider meet their guidelines.


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