Web Team – Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda Wed Jan 6th 10 – 11am Voter West

Happy New Year!
Hmmm…setting the agenda after a long hiatus – let’s modify if necessary at the beginning of the meeting. :-)
Meeting moderator, timekeeper, notetaker
Announcements, updates etc. (10 min)
Progress on web pages in Drupal and Mediawiki- gaps or duplicate content; ready for go-live date? (5 min)
Wiki training – who and when? (5 min)
Agendas – post on blog, wiki or use calendar in outlook? (quick vote – 5 min)
Assessment meeting – action items; meet with sponsor? (10 min)
Project Management tool – Basecamp (Ian -15 min)
Set agenda for next week; review who needs to do what by when (5-10 min)

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