Webcast: The Future of the Library

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The Future of the Library
How the Library Ecosystem is Evolving to
Support 21st Century Information Demands

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 Time: 12:00 pm EST/9:00 am PST/1700 GMT
Free Registration: www.libraryjournal.com/futureofthelibrary

Please Join Us for this Special 1-hour Webcast Featuring Three Industry Notables

Libraries are continuing to evolve and are using new technologies to expand their presence as virtual knowledge centers for information sharing communities. Patrons conducting research remotely are increasingly using mobile devices and accessing resources in multiple languages.

Librarians as 21st century knowledge technologists as well as electronic information experts need to offer easily accessible library-specific solutions tailored to the unique data and information needs of their users. Technology solution providers are working with publishers and are moving towards more sharing of data, interoperability standards and electronic workflow required to meet these needs.

Listen to three industry notables share their view of how the industry is responding and changing to meet these evolving needs of the library ecosystem using today’s emerging technologies to meet the needs of patrons today and for the future.

If you are not able to make the inaugural webcast of The Future of the Library, you will be able to access the webcast archive for one year following the initial webcast, and will receive an email from Library Journal as soon as it is available. Just register using the links above.

Rob Mercer, Vice President and General Manager, Serials Solutions

Andrew Pace, Executive Director, Networked Library Services, OCLC

Peter McCracken, Co-Founder & Director of Content and Business Development, Shipindex.org

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