Wanted – LIS Night Owls

night shiftLIS will once again be offering 24/7 to our students 11/29 – 12/12.
Here is your opportunity to experience the Main Library at night!
Interested in flexing your schedule and adding a little excitement to your work week? Working nights instead of your usual ho-hum day schedule?
If so, check with your supervisor and be in touch with your availability.
The shifts are 12 midnight – 4 am and 4 am – 8 am. All nighters also welcome.
The deadline for letting me know is Thursday 11/12.
Movies, music, snacks and caffeine will be available.
Questions – please be in touch!
Many thanks.

2 thoughts on “Wanted – LIS Night Owls

  1. Joanne Schneider

    Hi Elin, I’m curious as to whether you also have a non-student staff member in the building from midnight to 8:00 am? If so, is this person(s) a “substitute” and do you continually have to hire and train them? Thanks. Joanne

  2. Elin Waagen Post author

    Hi Joanne! :-)
    We staff with an outside security service at the Info desk. Circ provides an orientation and they overlap with regular Circ staff at beginning and end of their night shift.
    As always, Public Safety is available for back-up support.
    The Circ Desk is closed/opened by Circ staff at the regularly scheduled times.
    The Circ Desk is staffed overnight with a combination of student and regular Circ and LIS staff – mostly student staff. Circ provides a group orientation/training for the night-owl overnight crew.
    We take hourly gate and head counts.
    We provide coffee/tea/hot chocolate and snacks for staff/student staff working the overnight shift.
    We require ID card access after 11 pm during 24/7.
    Our custodial staff work extra hard during 24/7 – it is a challenge to keep clean a building that never closes.
    It is a much appreciated service by the many students who utilize it.
    Hope that helps.


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