"Resources" content for Academic Department pages

How about something like this?  It might be too text-y, but some explanation of why you’d want to contact these people/groups seems necessary.

eg, for Chemistry:

Library and Technology – Library and Information Services (LIS)

  • Research by Subject:  Chemistry – Major research resources.
  • LIS Liaison – Library and technology contact for Chemistry.
    Carrie Macfarlane, Reference and Instruction Librarian for the Sciences,  Armstrong Library 206, McCardell Bicentennial Hall, 802.443.5018, cmacfarl@middlebury.edu
  • Sciences LIS Advisory Group – Provides advice, feedback, and guidance to LIS on behalf of faculty.  Groups are organized by discipline, with one faculty representative from each department.
    Roger Sandwick, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Department Chair, McCardell Bicentennial Hall 451, 802.443.3496, rsandwic@middlebury.edu
  • Student LIS Advisory Committee – Provides advice, feedback, and guidance to LIS on behalf of students.  Comprises 5-7 students selected by the SGA and LIS staff.

Once we have some text that we like, I’ll ask faculty (eg, Roger Sandwick) what they think.

4 thoughts on “"Resources" content for Academic Department pages

  1. Ian McBride

    I imagine this would be the appropriate place for a link to our Curricular Technology site as well, but other than that I think these resources are great.

  2. Jess Isler

    Actually, I did think of an addition for a few select departments:
    I think it would make sense to include a link to the Music Library page in the Music Dept. page’s Resources section (and, possibly also the Dance Dept. page’s Resources section.)
    Following this–it would make sense to me to include links to the Armstrong Library page from the Resources sections of the departments it serves.


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