Meeting Agenda Wed 9/23

Proposed meeting agenda Wed 9/23
Announcements etc.
How to launch the one-blog (categories and terminology should be resolved by now) – communication; training
Quick links – finalize how many and terminology

From previous agendas/discussions:
How will the LIS landing page point to the Blog?
Timeline – CMS freeze date for changes/additions
Updates on work with our contacts
Curricular Technology – where in the IA?
Wiki training for our primary contacts?
Permissions for primary contacts access on web makeover folder in middfiles?

From project timeline:
9/15 – Finalize platform improvement recommendations
9/28 – Web Makeover Check-in with Project Manager
9/28 – Drupal Training for Project Managers
10/1 – Design staff workflow for moving content. Get feedback.
Week of 10/6 – Web Makeover – completed workbook due

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