LIS landing page and the blog

How will the LIS landing page point to the Blog? I don’t think we’ve discussed whether or not our landing pages will contain a link to the blog, a feed to the blog, or both.

If we had both, would it make sense to have a link going to the whole blog, and a feed listing only our outward-facing category posts (and only displaying 2 or 3 posts so as not to clutter the page)?


LIS landing page:

  • Link to all blog
  • Feed with Good to know(/TBD)

The LIS landing page is the only place where we have to make this determination, correct? (Since primary contacts are deciding what goes on their pages.)

3 thoughts on “LIS landing page and the blog

  1. Ian McBride

    I like this suggestion to have a link to the blog, followed by 2-3 of the most recent posts from the “external” category. By the way, we’ve decided that we’ll be building out the landing pages in Drupal, so we’ll be able to show RSS, calendars, maps, lists of links, and all the other types of content that you’d expect to find on these pages.

  2. Jess Isler

    In our meeting there were different assumptions about WHAT blog content would be displayed on the landing pages. Some of us thought that we would only display the feed to our external content on our landing pages, and some of us thought we’d display a feed to all blog content.

    Again, I don’t think we as a team get to decide what feeds or links will be on the Library or the Technology landing pages, since we have primary contacts for that purpose.

    But I do think it’s within our purview to make this recommendation for the LIS landing page. Since I was from the camp that thought we were having a feed to all our blog content on the LIS landing page, I will say I personally don’t see a problem with having a feed with just the external content there, as long as we include a link to the whole one blog.


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