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Following a long and lively discussion at our meeting today, we agreed that our team members would vote on the following terms to set as the default category name for our one blog. (This default term is intended to fill the “external” category role. We decided making this the default would encourage posters to be proactive in selecting categories.)

  • Bringing knowledge to you
  • Good to know
  • Need to know
  • The essentials
  • Tuned in

Voting will end at close of business Friday, 9/18. (Please, no additional suggestions…)

10 thoughts on “Default All things LIS category

  1. Ian McBride

    Sorry that I was not able to make today’s meeting. I actually don’t have a particularly good excuse. I was working on something for tomorrow morning’s presentation in Twilight Auditorium at 10:30 (which I HIGHLY recommend you all attend if able) and got so engrossed in it that by the time I realized what was going on it was 11:50. I figured that barging in over halfway through would be more distracting than being absent.

    Of these choices, my vote is for “The Essentials”, since I think it speaks broadly to the type of content we’re trying to deliver in this way and gives an indication of why someone might choose it. “Oh, my post is essential. Cool!”

    I did discuss this a bit with the broader White Whale group at lunch yesterday. Their suggestion was to just use a symbol like, ★, to indicate this. I though that was a bit too vague. Also, you’ve closed the poll for additional suggestions and I respect that. However, I do think it would be neat if we put this character next to the name we decide on. So the category would be “★ The Essentials” or “★ Bringing Knowledge to You”, just as an additional way of showing off this category. I tested this out and you can use symbol characters like that in WordPress.

  2. Jess Isler

    *The Essentials

    [Separate idea: Can we make “Bringing knowledge to you” the Tagline (subtitle) for our one blog? Should we make it the tagline for all of the major landing pages?]

  3. Elin

    My vote is for Good to Know
    I think it’s intuitve and allows the user – whether external or internal – to choose to be in the know. Also allows the blog poster an easy choice.

  4. Ian McBride

    Thirding Jess’s idea of using “Bringing knowledge to you” as a cross-LIS tagline. This also addresses one of the sections in our recommendations: “Every page should have a unifying graphic element (eg, a logo) to make it clear to the user who has arrived via search that they are on a Midd-LIS page.”

    Whether we use a logo or just plain text, it should use this phrase. And maybe by displaying it so prominently we won’t feel the urge to come up with a new organizational vision statement every year.

  5. Elin Waagen

    “The Essentials” it is!

    I too like the idea if the tagline “Bringing Knowledge to You” or “We Bring Knowledge to You” – helps define this category.

    The LIS mission statement reads: We bring knowledge to you. We help you explore, use and contribute to it as you engage the world.

    I also like the idea of a symbol character to highlight this category.


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