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Here’s the draft for LISt. OK?

The web team met recently with the LIS Area Directors to present our recommendations for the new LIS web presence.
The recommendations incorporated many hours of research and discussion (in meetings and on the blog/wiki) by team members. The recommendations were informed by user patterns, surveys and statistics, feedback from our LIS colleagues and the recommendations from White Whale. We received the enthusiastic support of the AD’s to move ahead with our recommendations.
The recommendations document can be found here.
Many thanks to you all for your valuable input into the recommendations. Stay tuned for exciting new developments!
We welcome your comments and ideas.
Ian, Barbara, Jim, Liz, Doreen, Jess, Carrie and Elin
The LIS Web Team

4 thoughts on “LIS Website Team – Recommendations

  1. Jess Isler

    It may be good to add that we have had discussions with already-identified primary contacts for the major content areas of the LIS website, and that everyone is encouraged to contact their primary contacts for more information relating to their specific areas of the website. This probably means we should tell people what the major content areas are and who the contacts are.

    We should also probably clean up the the recs doc itself. The forms section especially… it should probably say Parature isn’t necessarily THE system that we need, but it’s in the running and/or that whatever the Helpdesk chooses as solution is what we support… and also that Drupal has a self-service forms solution that will be part of the solution… Also, maybe we can say the list of different form types represented there is not exhaustive. And I never added citations for any of the stats I added. I can add those if we think it’s important.

  2. Elin Waagen

    I will incorporate these suggestions – thanks!
    Jim will edit the doc re Parature
    Also remember that this is a living document – and that some tweaks may be required as we continue our work.


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