Meeting Agenda Wed 9/9

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Agenda 9/9
Notes: Jim
Moderator: Liz?
Ian will be away; Carrie may be out
Announcements etc. (10 min)
One blog – discuss when and how; decide on categories (bring your list of possible categories); private v.public; external v. internal use (30 min)
Timeline – set freeze date/s for changes/additions to current LIS site. (10 min)
Agenda for Thurs? (5-10 min)

Upcoming/continuing project timeline items:
9/1 (continuing) – Build non-drupal content as time allows
9/1 – Middlebury finalizes homepage (+ top-tier) designs
9/2 – Work with LIS website contacts to complete Web Makeover Workbooks (and incorporate supplemental sources of input) for LIS website. Set freeze date/s for changes/additions to current LIS site.
Week of 9/7 – Web Makeover Start Building Site (Content Build Out)
Week of 9/14 – Web Makeover Follow-up meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager
9/15 – Finalize platform improvement recommendations
9/28 – Web Makeover Check-in with Project Manager
9/28 – Drupal Training for Project Managers
October 2009
10/1 – Design staff workflow for moving content. Get feedback.
Week of 10/6 – Web Makeover – completed workbook due

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