Offices & Services Information Architecture

You can read the full first draft of the O&S IA in this Word document. This section is where most of the links to LIS and LIS related services will be. There will very likely also be a link to the LIS landing page in the Quick Links section of the footer, since Mike Roy wants there to be. Look over the full list in the document and add to the comments if there are any sections (with regard to LIS) that you think are misplaced, missing, or should be removed. For example, I see a link to “Web Services” in the list. My workgroup has a site on the website, but there’s very rarely any useful information for us to add to the site. I don’t think Web Services needs a web presence, since the whole site really is my group’s web presence. Also, I think the LIS link under Technology is redundant since every other link under Technology goes to an LIS maintained site about Technology.

What else?

Here is a list of the LIS related links I found in each section:

Library & Information Services

Campus Life
Digital Music

News & Information
Web Services

Banner Web
Help & Support
Library & Information Services
Telephone Services

3 thoughts on “Offices & Services Information Architecture

  1. Barbara

    This page is not a big deal to me. But “There will very likely also be a link to the LIS landing page in the Quick Links section of the footer, since Mike Roy wants there to be.” bears looking at, I think! I was hoping for direct linking to the library, as opposed to LIS. Quick linking only to LIS has implications for what should appear on the LIS landing page.

  2. Ian McBride

    A good point. I would be in support of having the Library be the first section on the LIS landing page (since it receives over 50% of our site traffic). Remember also that the Library will be the third link on the Academics home page after Departments and Courses.

    Perhaps a better Offices and Services list would have Library under academics (instead of LIS) and remove LIS from the list under Technology. Especially if LIS is going to be in the site footer.

  3. Jess Isler

    I think that as long as Library is in Academics [from the main College homepage], it is fine to have LIS as the Quick Links.

    For O&S IA: I agree with your suggestion, Ian, that Library under O&S Academics link may be more sensible (and in line with the link from the homepage), and that LIS under Technology is probably redundant if it’s in the QLs.


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