AD Meeting Report

I covered the following topics during the meeting:

  • Our blog and wiki
  • Project scope
  • Timeline / time pressures
  • Surveys, google analytics, search analysis, HEAT stats, etc.
  • LIS Project Managers
  • Brief overview of recommendations

Questions from the ADs and my paraphrased responses:

What can we do about time pressures?

I mentioned that we weren’t requesting peoples tasks to be juggled or reassigned, but we did want the ADs to know that some members wanted to spend more time on this project. I noted that we understood that the amount of time we spend on project work will vary during the course of the project. I can explain more during our weekly meeting.

What resources do you need [the ADs] to provide?

We don’t have specific resource requests at this time, though we may have more after our meeting with Jeff on the 20th. We will also ask the LIS Project Managers what additional resources they will require to work on their areas of the LIS website and will send these requests to the AD team as appropriate.

What about forms that send information to people in LIS? [book order form, helpdesk request, etc.]

I said that this was something we had not considered previously, but providing access to these forms does seem within scope of our project and is something we should consider in our recommendations. I promised to bring up this topic during one of our next meetings.

What about an issue/request tracking system on the web?

Developing/purchasing such a system is not within the scope of our project. However, should LIS acquire or develop this system, we may have recommendations on how best to provide access to its information through the web. As LIS does not have such a system at this time, developing these recommendations is not a priority for our work.

Where is LIS in the site information architecture?

The Library website will be part of the Academics section of the site. LIS will not have a traditional site on the CMS, but the LIS landing page may be accessible in the Offices & Services section, through Search, through Quick Links, etc.

I’m a faculty member and I want to know about the curricular technology options that are available to me. How do I find this out?

This is specifically the question that we are looking to the curricular technology team to answer, which is why we have identified that team as a Project Manager for a portion of the LIS website.

2 thoughts on “AD Meeting Report

  1. Doreen Bernier

    Ian did a great job presenting to the AD’s. I believe the AD’s were appreciative of the update and impressed at how far we’ve come.

  2. Alex Chapin

    The Curricular Technology team invited Ian to discuss how to include curricular technologies and the CT team has agreed to be the Project Manager for this part of the site.


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