MCMS Permissions and Google Analytics

MCMS Permissions

I’ve prepared a spreadsheet of MCMS editing permissions for the LIS website. This also includes the Telephone Services site, which is under /administration, rather than the rest of the LIS site, which is in /academics. The permissions are structured as a hierarchy, so if you are in the “(middcms) www – academics – lis” group, you can edit anywhere within the LIS site.

Here are what the roles means:

  • Channel Manager: can edit anywhere, approve all changes, and change the IA.
  • Editor: can make changes and publish their changes. Can approve changes by others.
  • Author: can make changes, but cannot approve changes for publication.
  • Resource Manager: can upload files (images/documents).
  • Subscriber: can view content (used for content in restricted channels).

Google Analytics

We only came up with 2.5 questions that we want answered by looking at the analytics. Do you have other suggestions for things we could look at? What are some key resources or pages on the site that we want to look at click paths to? To refresh everyone, here are the questions we came up with:

  1. What are the top 5 search terms, specific to the LIS site?
  2. What are the top 5 pages on the LIS site?
  3. What are the common click paths to [resource] on the LIS site?

5 thoughts on “MCMS Permissions and Google Analytics

  1. Jessica Isler

    GA question suggestion: What links on the current LIS landing page are never clicked (or clicked the least)? Same question but one layer down (i.e. on the landing pages for the 6 current categories: Find books, articles, & more, Help & support, etc., excluding MIIS category)

  2. Elizabeth Whitaker-Freitas

    Not sure if I set up access to this correctly, but I created a document which outlines who the content administrators are for each sub-site. Everything on the LIS Website sitemap should fall under one of these sub-sites.

  3. Carrie Macfarlane

    Nice, thanks everyone. I looked at Ian’s and Liz’s documents, and I wonder if something is a little off. (Or, perhaps I am an administrator to more content than I realized!) We may need to give the lists of administrators a little reality-check with a few key people (Bryan Carson comes to mind for all lis-lib content).

  4. Jess Isler

    What do you mean, Carrie? Besides all the people on there who no longer work here–do you see inaccuracies in the lists?

  5. Ian McBride

    Carrie and Jess – it makes a little more sense when viewed with the roles included like so:

    The reason that Carrie has access to the top-level LIS resource gallery is as a resource manager. In MCMS, each channel is tied to a resource gallery, but not every channel has its own resource gallery and, by default, channels inherit the resource gallery of their parent.

    So imagine you’re building out the LIS channel tree: you start with /lis, then add /lis/about and /lis/about/hours_maps. By default, all of these channels will use the /lis resource gallery. Now you add some maps to that gallery and put them up on the hours_maps page and a few years later a new editor is assigned to the area and needs to update the map images and there are hundred of items in the root LIS resource gallery and nobody wants to sort through them to figure out what goes where.

    So your CMS administrator gives up and just gives Carrie Resource Manager permissions to the /lis resource gallery because he knows Carrie isn’t going to go in and delete all the files.

    As I said in the meeting, “When you see the permissions, you’ll see why we won’t be able to just go right out and talk to the people assigned to each area”.


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