Criteria: What do we need for a LIS website?

This is a place to coordinate discussion about the criteria we desire for the LIS site. We’ve created two sections in the wiki to store this information:

How can we combine these sections? Do we need to combine these sections?

What information from our own personal views are missing from these sections?

What information from our survey results is missing from these sections?

What information from the other analytics and analysis we’ve conducted is missing from these sections?

What information in these sections should be removed or is no longer applicable knowing what we know now?

How do these criteria allow us to meet our goals and achieve our vision?

4 thoughts on “Criteria: What do we need for a LIS website?

  1. Elin Waagen

    The section What? was a brainstorming of ideas – can we harvest from that section to better inform the Metrics – and combine the two?
    Are personal ideas (as gathered from work experience, research etc.) reflected – and supported by the data?
    The initial list of Metrics was informed by college web re-do data/experience – will the survey data and other newly gathered/evaluated data support the Metrics?

  2. Barbara Merz

    Looking through the long list under “What do we need on a LIS home page?” I see several suggestions that work for a LIBRARY home page. A big question seems to be – what is the LIS homepage for? Just a quick pass through to a library homepage plus assorted wikis & blogs for access to the IT side? Since web design isn’t supposed to be based on org structure, should we go for more or less separate presences for conventional library & IT functions? It would be interesting to find out if & how LIS might be accessed from the Midd homepage.

  3. Ian McBride

    Barbara, I can’t agree with you enough on this. In my opinion the “Find Books, Articles & More” (i.e. the Library site) is the section of the current site that goes into the Drupal CMS. The “Help & Support” section is transferred to the LIS WIki, and the “About LIS” section is represented by our landing page and the blogging system. As you noted in your later comment, this is basically what I put into the recommendations document.

    To answer your question about how LIS might be accessed in the new design: in the draft Information Architecture there is a section for Academics under which is a section labeled “Library”. Just Library.

    I have a feeling that the LIS search landing page will be very useful.


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