What should we use this blog for? – a proposal

I propose we use this blog to collect and discuss CT Team tasks.  Further, I propose we organize these blog posts/task into categories and tag them.  I think would be great if posts/tasks were highly granular, representing stuff anyone of us might be able to take on and complete without too much work…

For example, we could have a research category which might include posts such as:

  1. What is the best way to distribute presentation slides?
  2. Can a Google Doc be embedded in a WordPress blog?
  3. What is the best podcasting plugin for WordPress?
  4. What tools/services are available for web-based capture?
  5. Does Drupal have a UI for moving/copying content?

Here are categories I am thinking of:

Research (e.g. Is Moodle 2.0 ready for production?)
Review (e.g. WordPress 2.8)
Case Studies (e.g. Arabic School curricular resources)

I guess I am recommending we NOT use this blog for describing:
Recommendations (except in the form of positive reviews)

I think these sorts of things may be better tackled via team-based “collaborative peer production” using tools like Google Docs


3 thoughts on “What should we use this blog for? – a proposal

  1. Bryan Carson

    I don’t think we should overthink this. Let’s just use this as a “home base”. Collect links, thoughts, etc. Google docs could still be used. Just have a page of easy links to stuff we think is important. Let this blog grow organically.

    What I want to avoid is email discussions where there are people who get left out (e.g., when folks forget to reply all), or email that gets lost in the mountain of emails, etc.

  2. Alex Chapin

    Perhaps you’re right, maybe best to let the blog grow organically….

    Another question I have is the audience for this blog. Currently, it is available only to CT team members, right. Do we envision it eventually becoming a public blog?

    The audience for the blog would certainly affect the types of posts I would make to it. If it were just for us, I might be inclined to use it to post agendas, activity updates, requests… However, if it were to be public….

    Anyone else have ideas about this?


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