EXH!BITED-LIS Staff Arts and Crafts

Submitted by Doreen Bernier

June 10th was the opening day of “Exh!bited”, the LIS staff arts and crafts exhibit.

Special thanks to all the LIS artisans for their truly beautiful contributions. This was a great opportunity to showcase our special talents and interests and bring the community together – and also surprise and delight users and visitors.


The opening reception was graced with beautiful live music, courtesy of Dan Frostman.


Early arrivals enjoyed the only edible craft piece – chocolate dipped strawberries.


Included below are some photos from the reception.


The exhibit organizers, Morgan, Doreen and Elin, would like to thank Joseph for his invaluable assistance in setting up the space. Thanks also to Scott and Rachel for their contributions, and with thanks to all for taking the time out from your busy schedules to assist in bringing this exhibit to life.


The exhibit will run until June 26th.

LIS Staff Art Exhibit 038A LIS Staff Art Exhibit 051LIS Staff Art Exhibit 043LIS Staff Art Exhibit 041 LIS Staff Art Exhibit 034A LIS Staff Art Exhibit 052 LIS Staff Art Exhibit 077 LIS Staff Art Exhibit 035A

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