After much conversation, we are pleased to announce the three teams that we are forming, and the membership of those teams. The teams are meeting next week to develop their plans and charges, at which point we can update everyone with more concrete information.

LIS Website
Jeff Rehbach –  sponsor
Elin Waagen- leader
Jim Beauchemin
Doreen Bernier
Jess Isler
Ian McBride
Carrie Macfarlane
Barbara Merz
Liz Whitaker-Freitas

Terry Simpkins-sponsor
Mike Lynch-leader
Steve Bertolino
Arabella Holzapfel
Rachel Manning
Danielle Rougeau
Michael Warner
Scott Witt

Curricular Technology
Shel Sax – sponsor
Alex Chapin – leader
Joe Antonioli
Bryan Carson
Sue Driscoll
Adam Franco
Dan Frostman
Joy Pile
Mack Roark

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