Network Services Restored

Submitted by Howie McCausland

We finally restored network services (interrupted over Holiday Break when a snowplow damaged a fiber cable) to the Marble Works (Vermont Campus Compact) and the Stone Mill.  Technicians from Business Telephone Systems, our cable contractor, worked long hours in cold wind splicing numerous hair-thin strands of glass to complete the repair:

bts techs

“Technicians from BTS splice and repair Middlebury’s fiberoptic cable on a telephone pole in Frog Hollow.”
We also FINALLY established high-speed network service at the Snow Bowl, after TelJet (one of our Internet Service Providers, and a purveyor of long-distance optical fiber services) completed installing a fiber cable between Bread Loaf and the Snow Bowl main lodge.  The Bowl now enjoys the same network service as on main campus, including standard campus wireless.

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