Three LIS Coworkers Going to DC

Submitted by Shawn O’Neil

Margey Mastik-Quinn, Shel Sax and myself are heading down to Witness/participate the 2009 Inauguration. Margey is heading down with her husband and I am heading down with my daughters and some friends.

I and some other community members around the New York/Vermont area were asked by WPTZ channel 5 to blog this event. Here is the blog, if you are interested in following our exploits, take a look.


2 thoughts on “Three LIS Coworkers Going to DC

  1. John Grunder

    At this historic moment in time, you are there to witness for us and future generations. Stay warm and enjoy history in the making.

    All of the video-casts on the net are overloaded. Finally found a public radio station in Portland broadcasting online, so taking in the inauguration the old fashion way, using new technology.


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