Notes from the November 6th Area Directors Meeting

1. Student publication database – Carol and Jeff attending a meeting to discuss questions about a student publication database which would combine and extract student research, student grant, student publication data, etc and also track things like student employment after graduation.  Trying to define the problem and figure out the players involved.

2.  Student advisory group.  A student advisory group will be formed to discuss student technology issues.  Terry and Mike will be on this group as well.
3. Update on budget: Carol continued her overview of the library budget. Area Director’s need to look at the spreadsheet Carol sent, review possible cuts with managers, along with identifying potential savings this year (i.e give money back to the College).

4. Mills: Mary, Adam and Bryan met with Michael Geisler and Mackie Gaines to be updated on the current status with language schools at Mills.  Mary shared notes from this meeting, and is currently serving as LIS liaison.  There are many conversations that have yet to begin surrounding this.  Some major points that need resolving:

  • Segue
  • Budget timeline
  • Library support

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