Submitted by Joseph Watson


Many thanks go out to the folks at the Main Lib Circulation Desk for helping with the book sale last week! We made just over $1,500. We sold about 75% of the items that had accumulated to be discarded. About another 15% went for free at the end of the sale and about 10% remained to be recycled.

Every now and then we consider other ways to get rid of our discarded materials.  There are some services that accept discarded books and forward them to charities.  There are some web sites that will accept books, sell them for you and give you a percentage of the profit.  But in order to use these services we would have to sort the books, pack them, and in some cases pay for the shipping.  To get ready for a book sale here all we do is set the items aside as they’re discarded and when we have enough, we put them out for people to take them away, sometimes in exchange for money.  It’s quick and and easy and requires much less staff time to manage than the other options we’ve explored.   Plus people in the College community seem to enjoy buying the items!

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