Who we are

There are several people responsible for keeping the Music Library humming. Over the next few weeks we’ll feature profiles of all the staff, but for now, here’s a brief introduction.

  • Dan Frostman – he’s the guy you usually see sitting in back of the Circulation Desk. Dan coordinates many of the functions of the Music Library, from scheduling students to selecting CDs to managing the reserves… the list goes on and on. He plays a mean oboe too.
  • Joy Pile – Joy splits her time between the Music Library and the Main Library, serving as Research & Instruction librarian and liaison to the music department, as well as to the foreign language departments. Got a tough music question? Joy will help you find the answer. She plays viola too!
  • Jess Isler – our resident indie rock expert and cataloging/acquistions associate. Jess is the newest member of the Music Library staff, and we feel lucky to have her. She’s a Middlebury grad and current library school graduate student.
  • Terry Simpkins – I also spend a lot of time over at the Main Library, where I serve as Director of Collection Management. I used to be the Music Cataloger here, and still try to spend some time each week selecting and cataloging music for the library. I’m a former drummer and organist, current amateur ragtime pianist, and jazz, soul, blues, reggae, and rock fanatic.

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