Images for RSS feeds on the CMS

This morning I added images to the RSS feed HTML for all of the feeds on the CMS. Most of the feeds on the CMS are collections of News postings made by various functional areas. We have a page set up that indexes all of the live feeds on the CMS. If any of these News postings contain an image or are redirects to another news posting that contains image, that image will be displayed in the feed source. This only works for images which are in the default image placeholder control on the News template.

This appears to work in all major browsers and in the RSS Feeds component of Outlook 2007. For Outlook, I had to manually specify the height and width of each image because if you don’t Outlook will resize your image to 50×50 pixels for “security reasons”. I can’t quite figure out what those reasons might be, but fair enough. Now I trigger an additional callback to the Resource in the Resource Gallery that contains the image, render it in an Image Stream and access the height and width parameters to include in the img tag in the RSS.

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