What is your job, anyway?

When Tim Spears in his recent blog posting about what is a provost failed to mention LIS by name as part of his universe, I complained. And like any administrator worth his salt, he turned my complaint into an assignment for me to complete: write a guest blog entry that introduces his readership to LIS. I chose to write about an interesting conversation I had with a student at a lunch we had to meet some of the LIS students. (The post got picked up by MiddBlog, but attracted no comments, alas.) To continue that conversation in this space, I wonder what channels both formal and informal we have to make sure that our services stay aligned with evolving student needs and preferences.

2 thoughts on “What is your job, anyway?

  1. Patty Hornbeck

    We could do more to imbed our resources, by placing LIS portals/library search tools on individual faculty pages in Segue and by creating a structural link to LIS on academic department pages (in addition to the bottom-of-the-page spot shares with Banner, the College Store, etc..) The Library’s excellent subject guides shouldn’t be “deep-linked” as they are now on some department pages.

  2. Mike Lynch

    I think you’re off to a good start in meeting with students who work at LIS. because of their jobs they are a bit more aware of what goes on here and may have a better understanding of what’s available. I would suggest that you include the peer tutors who work at CTLR as well.


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