Testing Our Services

One of the updates that will (hopefully) happen over the holiday break is a hardware and software upgrade to the primary web service. This should increase system performance and also applies some updates to the central system we use for managing all of the content of the website (Microsoft Content Management Server). To perform this upgrade, we needed to ensure that all of the services currently in use on the primary web server would remain working once we switched over to the new machine. I just completed that testing, begun several weeks ago, this afternoon with the production of a script we can follow in the future for testing other upgrades. Just to give a sense of the scope of the services that are going to potentially be affected, here’s a list of all the stuff we tested in preparing for this update.

1	Custom PHP Applications

1.1		Campus Map

1.2		Change Log

1.3		Dining Menu

1.4		Middlebury Directory

1.5		Monterey Directory

1.6		Forms (Non-TouchNet)

1.7		GO

1.8		MAuthRA

1.9		Economics REPEC Repository

1.10		Ride Board

1.11		Schools Abroad PreDeparture

1.12		TouchNet Forms

1.13		Monterey Store

2	Custom ASP Applications

2.1		Banner Web Scout

2.2		List Subscribe / Unsubscribe

2.3		List Segmentation

3	Microsoft Content Management Server

3.1		Rendering Scripts

3.1.1			FAQ

3.1.2			Front

3.1.3			Gateway

3.1.4			List

3.1.5			ListNewsPostings

3.1.6			ShowNewsPostings

3.1.7			Academics				ListExperts				ListProfiles				PrintProfiles				ShowProfilesPermissions

3.1.8			Admin				GetByTool				SearchTool

3.1.9			Athletics				EventsManagement				GeneralManagement				GetRoster				ListCaptains				ListProfiles				TeamScoreboard

3.1.10			HR			ListJobDescriptions

3.1.11			SEO			Babysitters			JobPostings			OffCampusJobPostings

3.1.12			Tools			GetFeed			GetFooter			GetHeader			GetImage			GetLeftCol			GetRightCol

3.2		Templates

3.2.1			Contacts

3.2.2			FAQ

3.2.3			Gallery

3.2.4			Main

3.2.5			MME

3.2.6			News

3.2.7			Redirect

3.2.8			RedirectBlurb

3.2.9			Academics				Expert				Profile				Student

3.2.10			Athletics			AsstCoaches			Profile			Roster

3.2.11			Errors			Error			SSLRedirect

3.2.12			HR			JobDescription

3.2.13			SEO			Babysitter			Base			GreenCard			JobDescription			JobPosting			StudentApp

3.3		The Edit Console

3.3.1			Live and Edit Modes

3.3.2			Production Manager

3.3.3			Approval Assistant

3.3.4			Resource Manager

3.3.5			Create a New Page

3.3.6			Connected Postings

3.3.7			Opening the Edit Window

3.3.8			Saving Pages

3.3.9			Deleting Pages

3.3.10			Moving Pages

3.3.11			Copying Pages

3.3.12			Page Properties

3.3.13			Revision History

3.3.14			View Revisions By Date

3.3.15			Create Channel

3.3.16			Delete Channel

3.3.17			Sorting Items in a Channel

3.4		The r.a.d. Editor

3.4.1			Basic Functions				Copy				Paste				Find & Replace				Print				Spell Check

3.4.2			Custom Links

3.4.3			Formatting				Alignment				New Paragraph				Text Formatting

3.4.4			Listing				Horizontal Rule				Indenting				Ordered List				Unordered List

3.4.5			Non-Text Functions				Docuement Manager				Image Manager				Tables

3.4.6			Other Text Functions				Format Stripper				Hyperlinking				Insert Symbol

3.4.7			Styles				Apply CSS Class				Headings

3.4.8			Undo & Redo

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