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Data Point: Coffee @ the Wilson Cafe


We were wondering exactly how much coffee is drunk at the Wilson Café, so we asked them. Turns out… a lot! Last year Wilson sold a total of 2,177 gallons of coffee: •… Read More

Welcome to the Fall 2015 Issue of Keywords


Welcome to the 2nd issue of our newly christened library newsletter, Keywords! This fall started with a flurry of activity at the Davis Family Library. We hired five new library staff members, installed… Read More

All Things Library, and, Help Us Pick a Name!


Welcome to the first issue of our new, as-yet unnamed, quarterly online newsletter designed to keep the Middlebury College community informed of all things Library. As you may have noticed, we are searching for… Read More

Google Scholar


Many researchers find Google Scholar to be a useful, user-friendly tool for searching for scholarly content. You can make it even more useful by customizing it to provide full-text access to the library… Read More

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