What Students Say About Research


Library research is sometimes like rounding the corner of a winding mountain path. The higher you climb, the more you realize how much there is to see. In a survey of last year’s incoming students, we noticed gaps between students’ perceptions of their abilities and their actual knowledge and skills. For example, only 50% of students understood the meaning of “peer-reviewed,” yet 70% of students said they were able to determine whether a source is appropriate for an academic project. If someone doesn’t know about peer-reviewed publications, they won’t know that they should look for them.

Students will improve their research skills during their years at Middlebury, and librarians would love to help. Whether you’re an instructor looking to partner with a librarian on teaching research skills or a student looking for advice on source evaluation, talk to your librarian. We’re listed by our areas of expertise at go.middlebury.edu/liaisons.

For more highlights from our survey of incoming students, visit: Research Skills of Incoming Students [.pdf]