3D Printing Workshop

3d Seven members of the campus community gathered for an introduction to the college’s 3D printing technology this week. The printer (a MakerBot Replicator) buzzed and whirred throughout the workshop, printing out the initials of everyone present while the group discussed applications of 3D printing technology ranging from theatrical set design to architectural tool making to artisanal custom chocolate sculptures. As a demonstration of the printer’s capacity for rapid prototyping, workshop leader Daniel Houghton asked the group for an object to model on the spot, and workshop participant Vijaya Wunnava requested an avocado slicer. Daniel accepted the challenge, and 90 minutes later a brand new avocado slicer lay cooling on the print bed. To see the slicer, or to learn more about the 3D printing workflow, contact Daniel Houghton (dhoughton@middlebury.edu).