About Less Meat Monday

LessMeat Monday was a semester long project done by a group of students at Middlebury College for the class Environmental Economics 265. Our goal was to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of meat production  and to reduce the amount of meat consumed at the Middlebury dining halls. On Monday, November 28th, 2011, we had a trail run of LessMeat Monday where we reduced the amount of meat served at Proctor and Ross, the two main dining halls at Middlebury, from two different options to one. We also accompanied this change with posters and an information sheet. This site was created to further that education by providing our final paper as well as the information that was available during our trial run of LessMeat Monday. We hope to implement LessMeat Monday in the future, and to continue to raise awareness and create healthy debates over the costs and benefits of meat consumption.