This project was supported by a grant from the Andrew J. Mellon Foundation and the Digital Liberal Arts Initiative at Middlebury College. Additional funding was provided by the Committee on the Arts, the Director for the Arts, and the Department of History of Art and Architecture.

Kristin Richards, ’17
Sam Kudman, ’17

I am extremely grateful to the staff of the Middlebury College Museum of Art, who have all had a hand in this exhibition, especially Ken Pohlman, Museum Designer; Donn Marcus, Head of Security; and Margaret Wallace, Museum Registrar. Thanks also to Museum Director Richard Saunders and Emmie Donadio, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, who supported acquisition of the many photographs that have entered the collection. My appreciation goes to the students in my seminars on Photography and the Environment who provided their insights and inspiration for the exhibition, as well as my team of student research, videography, musical composers, and website design interns: Kirk Horton; Tevan Goldberg; Sam Kudman; Danny Padilla; Kristin Richards; Scott Waller; Danielle Weindling, and Rachel Kang.

Danny Padilla, ’19 and Professor Andi Lloyd

Additional thanks to: Tatyana Bessmertnaya, Videographer; Pieter Broucke, Professor of History of Art and Architecture and Director for the Arts; Robert Chehoski, KQED Public Television; Mark Christensen, Concert Hall Technical Director; Michaela Davico, Department Coordinator for History of Art and Architecture; John Elder, Professor Emeritus of English and Environmental Studies; Daniel Houghton, Arts Technology Specialist; Jonathan Kemp, Telescope and Scientific Computing Specialist; Andrea Murray, Visiting Instructor in History of Art and Architecture; Matt Lennon, Video and Audio Technician, Arts Tech Assistant DLA; Andi Lloyd, Professor of Biology and Vice-President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty; Christopher McCrory Klyza, Professor of Political Science; Jason Mittell, Professor of Film and Media Culture and American Studies, Faculty Director of the DLA; Kathryn Morse, Professor of History and Environmental Studies; Jeff Munroe, Professor of Geology.

Matt Lennon, Video and Audio Technician, DLA
Kristy Golubiewski-Davis, DLA Post-doctoral Fellow

Also Alicia Peaker and Kristy Golubiewski-Davis, DLA Post-doctoral Fellows; Peter Ryan, Professor of Geology; Heather Stafford, Multimedia/Curricular Technologist; Sue Tan, Professor of Music; Steve Trombulak, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies; Frank Winkler, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy.

Kirsten Hoving
Professor of History of Art and Architecture
Guest Curator, Land and Lens