Lacrosse and Peter Kohn

One of the most iconic members of the Middlebury Lacrosse community is former field manager Myron “Peter” Kohn. The subject of the major documentary “Keeper of the Kohn”, Kohn inspired players, coaches and fans alike. Despite Kohn’s mild developmental disability, he diligently worked the sidelines for 6 U.S. national teams and 25 college all-star games. Kohn’s career at Middlebury began when his close friend Jim Grube suggested he work in the college’s athletic department in 1980. Kohn worked in the equipment room from 1981-1988 and served as the lacrosse team’s manager from 1981-2003.


Kohn with a lacrosse helmet at Youngman Field

In 2005 Kohn was inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame for his contributions to the sport: the first manager ever to do so. A particularly interesting facet of Kohn’s relationship with the lacrosse team at Middlebury was the “Keeper of the Kohn” title. The individual assigned the position, typically a freshman on the team, was responsible for ensuring that Kohn was taken care of and that he had a mutually beneficial relationship with the team. The position was highly regarded and taught the students respect and responsibility. Kohn passed away in 2009 and is remembered fondly by many members of the lacrosse community. Kohn Field, a turf field used for field hockey and lacrosse, was dedicated in his honor in 2000.


Middlebury Alumni with an image of Pete Kohn in Vail 2010

Middlebury Alumni with an image of Pete Kohn in Vail 2010


“He had been with our program for much longer than we had, and knew more than we could imagine about what it meant to be a part of a team. Whether we were winning or losing, pre-game or post-game, or just huddling up after practice, Pete always kept us in check and reminded us that there’s more to the sport than the scoreboard.”

-Jeff Begin ’10