General History

Since its formation in 1948, Lacrosse has been one of Middlebury’s most successful sports. The sport started as the “Lacrosse Club” led by student coach Curt Cushman ’50 and faculty member Harold Parker. The first team was made up of both experienced prep school players and first-time athletes. The team began playing on what the Middlebury Campus described as a “lumpy field behind Forest.” Players used wooden sticks, a small yellow ball, and a goal the size of a soccer goal. In the early 1990s, the team moved to their current home, Youngman Field at Alumni Stadium. The speed of play has drastically increased since sticks have gotten lighter, balls have gotten larger, and goals have gotten smaller.


Middlebury loses to R.P.I. JV team in their first official lacrosse game. May 6, 1948.

Despite strong initial interest in the sport, it was not until 1964, 15 years after Lacrosse started at Middlebury, that the team had a winning season. The team had a 7-4-1 record and was coached by Joseph Morrone. The following year the team had their first undefeated season with a 10-0-2 record.  In 1975, Middlebury was allowed to participate in post-season ECAC tournaments for the first time and won the championship under coach Bob Pfeiffer in his last year as coach.

The 1975 lacrosse team shovels snow off the field. The team went on to become Middlebury's first ECAC Lacrosse Champions

The 1975 lacrosse team shovels snow off the field. The team went on to become Middlebury’s first ECAC Lacrosse Champions.

Middlebury won the championship again in 1976, 1977, and 1978 under coach Dennis Daly. The team qualified for their first NCAA tournament in 1996 after the NESCAC allowed NCAA post-season play in 1993. In 1998 the team made it to the quarter-finals of the championships, in 1999 they qualified for the finals, and in 2000 they won their first NCAA championship against Salisbury University 16-12 Under Coach Erin Quinn. The team went on to three consecutive NCAA championships and seven consecutive NESCAC championships.

In recent years the team has had considerable success under Coach David Campbell winning the NESCAC championship in ’07 and achieving a winning season each year except for 2012. Overall Middlebury has won 3 NCAA Championships (2000,2001,2002) and 7 NESCAC Championships (2001-2007). The team has also had 20 first team All-Americans since 1980 and 25 Scholar All-Americans since 1992.


2002 Lacrosse team after winning third NCAA Championship in a row

2002 Lacrosse team after winning their third NCAA Championship in a row.