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Juul’s article on Video games

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Juul’s article discusses three reasons why video games should be considered forms of narratives and three reasons why they should not. I have always felt thta video games contained narratives, but on of the points in the reasons got me thinking that maybe there is not. The point is that the relationship between the reader/viewer and the storyworld is different than the relation between the player and the game world. I agree with this because video game players seem to have more control on affecting the narrative. Some games have different paths than you can explore, or different stages within the game where you can play. The video game player is actually controlling someone in the storyworld whereas readers/viewers have no control on the story world in movies or in novels. I think this is an interesting debate.

Video Games (NBA 2k9)

Monday, December 1st, 2008

I like video games, and play often. However, I really only like the sports games. So I play the same 3 or 4 games and just keep getting the updated year. Each year the game will try and create different modes and things you can do besides just playing full games against a friend or the computer.¬†Each year, the narration in the games do not really seem to change much. They will sometimes change the commentators and will change their “catch phrases” to describe the players and what they are doing. I have been playing NBA 2K9 pretty reguarly the last few weeks. The narrator’s say the same phrases each game and it gets quite irritating. However, I found out from a friend (also a NBA 2K9 player) that you can update the current game by putting it on the online mode. I do not know much about playing online, but I understand that you can play different people at different locations. Anyways, he said that you can update the current players based on how they are playing during this year’s actual season. I think that is significantbecause doing that can change the narrative by changing how the commentators describe the players.