Last night, I watched what I thought was the season premeire of 24 but it was actually a prologue. I think it was kind of a teaser and I had no idea that the next episode would not be until Janurary 11th. Maybe it’s because I watched it on the DVR and skipped the commercials. Fox aired two hours of events that took place between season six and season seven. I do not believe that this show has ever done this but it got me thinking of the narrative strategy. Giving a two hour prologue provides the audience with more information and i think that is a useful strategy. In previous seasons, I would have to try and fill in the blanks of what happened in between seasons since ever season in this series represents one day of events that occur in real time. The only problem is that I am upset that I have to wait two months for the next episode, but also anxious. I am wondering if other shows do this? I think the producers of 24 decided to do this because it has been two years since the last season of 24 because of the writers’ strike.  Anyways, I have always been a fan of 24’s narrative structure with how the events occur in real time, how they show you the time of the day frequently, and how the split the screens to show different events occuring at the same time during certain parts of the show. Anyone else see 24 Redemption last night? I really enjoyed it!

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