Today’s class discussion

I was thinking about our discussion today about comprehension, interpretation, and experience in viewing Mulholland Drive. I agree with what some people said in class about trying to comprehend first and then interpret; and I definitely was confused for much of the film especially after the key unlocked the box. The experience for me was frustrating, scary, funny, confusing¬†engaging, and enjoyable which is I thinkis remarkable. I do not think I have ever left a film before with all of those mixed feelings. I have no idea what genre this film should be classified in because i was amused and scared during many of the scenes. Even though I was confused, I was still engaged because I wanted to solve the “puuzle’ or unlock the thriller as Lynch would put it. I definitely think the film was made for multiple viewings and I would like to see it again. However, I became a little frustrated because I was so confused that I wanted to give up, and I can’t say that I won’t give up trying to interpret even in the second viewing even though I want to see it again. I hope that makes sense. I really want to see Twin Peaks now also!

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