Video Essay

Working on this assignment was definitely a good experience and I enjoyed it. Andrew and I decided to dour project on The Prestige. This is one of my favorite movies and each time I watch it I discover something that I hadn’t known before. For example, In dong this project I realized that the first voice over of the film is done by Bourdan (Christian Bale) and Not Cutter (Michael Caine). I remember that we talked about this in class and I think the majority thought that it was Caine who opened the film with a voice over. Anyways, just to give a preview for our project, we decided to look deeper into Christian Bale’s two characters: Bourdan and Fallon. We focus is on Fallon as Bourdan (looking like Bale) and not the disguised Fallon. We decided to explore their relationships with Sarah and Olivia. Fallon is in love with Sarah and Bourdan is in love with Olivia. We even use color as a signifier in our video to show when Bale is Fallon and when he is Bourdan. The scenes that we use feature both Bale characters with both women. Fallon and Olivia, Fallon and Sarah, Bourdan and Olivia and Bourdan and Sarah. We also have two scenes in which both Fallon and Bourdan are present. We also use voice overs which shows specifically how the narrative is different by providing clues to the fact that there are twin brothers that make many of their magic tricks possible and confuse their love interests because two different people do not act the same.

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