The Prestige

This is the third time watching this film and I think its gotten better each time. In terms of the narrators, I think there were multiple ones. The film starts out with Cutter (Michael Caine) introducing the three different parts of a successful magic trick which made him the initial implied author. He also concludes the film with the same voice over speech as in the beginning. However, we get other perspectives when we hear voice overs from Robert (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred (Christian Bale). It is interesting with Alfred because we are not sure who the real Alfred is and who and when the twin brother is featured. We get several voice overs from Robert starting with the one in the beginning that indicates a time shift. I was confused with some of the aspects of time in the film in my first viewing which is also a similarity to Memento. Nolan uses a discontinuous narrative which left me confused in my first viewing. I was confused about why Alfred was in jail and when the story was in the present. It all made a lot mores sense in the second viewing and is remarkable to watch now. I picked up a little more on Fallon (also Christian Bale) and his role and many of their magic tricks made a lot more sense. He also looked like Christian Bale and Alfred had a cue when he he quotes, “you live live for both of us”. This happens towards the end of the film when he’s about to be hung. Overall, it is a film I really enjoyed and i do not think that there is just one narrator. Also, I am still looking for a partner for the Video essay assignment if anyone is interested?

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