Narration/ The Prestige

I was thinking a lot about this question of agency in narratology. The definition of narration in the Chatman article is the process whereby the film’s syuzhet and style interact in the course of cuing and channeling the spectator’s construction of the fabula. Bordwell then goes on to say that the narrator computes human being to him meaning that he questions if no voice or body gets identified as a locus of narration can there still be a narrator present in the film. I understand the narrative as the elements and devices to tell stories and also that the narrative is constructed by the thinking of the audience members. Is the main protagonist the narrator is no voice is identified as the narrator? Also I was thinking about this week’s film, The Prestige. i saw this film when it came out and it was a little confusing. This time when I watch it, I will try and view it for the different types of narrators and the agency in narrartology.

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