The Sixth Sense

I will start off by saying that this film is the scariest film I have ever seen. It terrified me ten years ago, and it still terrified me seeing it for the second time tonight. Anyways, I noticed some significant differences in this viewing. The first time i saw the film, I did not realize that Bruce Willis’s character was dead until he found out at the end. I thought he was divorced from his wife and that he was still a working doctor. We never see him with any other patients, but he does mention to Haley Joel Osment’s character that he wanted to transfer him to another doctor which led me to assume that he was alive the first time i saw the film. However, watching it the second time I realized that there were inferences that he is dead. The biggest one is that the boy’s mother never acknowledges or talks to Willis. They never have on conversation or interaction.  Another inference is when he meets her for there anniversary dinner and she acts as if he is not there. It did not seem like she was just simply upset at him. Osment also states that the dead people he sees are unaware that they are dead which is another clue. The one thing that I didn’t understand was why Osment was was not afraid of Willis? He was scared every time he saw a dead person, but not when he saw Willis. I thought there was one really interesting scene that provided a unique film style. Osment and his mother are talking at a table in the kitchen and instead of using traditional editing the director takes a different approach. He moves the camera back and forth without cutting in a medium shot when each character talks taking the other character completely off screen instead of using shot reverse shots or close ups. The scene goes on for a few minutes without cutting. Also the use of the color red is evident throughout many shots in the film. I thought this was very unique.

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