Annie Hall

Seeing Annie Hall for the second time was much better. I really enjoyed the film a lot more this time maybe after reading the article from the editor or maybe just because I have grown to enjoy Woody Allen’s humor. I thought that he offered a unique style in terms of character. He constantly talked to the camera and asks the audience questions. During some arguments, he turned towards the camera and asked the audience to help solve them. I also thought that his use of sub titles during the conversation between Alvie and Annie was an interesting approach. Thomas’s chapter on Dialogue has a statement about how it is rare to see characters in novels interrupting each other and rarely do we see multiple people talking at once. I think the sub titles scene is also rare because it is difficult to follow both what the characters were thinking internally and what they were actually saying. He kept the viewer updated with how the characters were feeling with these techniques. The characters are in the storyworld, but Alvie’s dialogue towards the audience removes him temporarily.

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